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Litigation Support

Since 1999, Bruce F. Webster has provided expert consultant/witness services in numerous IT-related disputes. These include cases in federal court, federal bankruptcy court, and state court. Webster has qualified and testified in all those jurisdictions. Webster has likewise provided testimony in arbitration cases in the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Webster has served directly as an arbitrator himself and has served twice as a neutral expert.

Webster is internationally recognized as an expert in IT project/system failure and has served repeatedly as an expert witness in related litigation. While at PricewaterhouseCoopers, he researched and published a white paper summarizing patterns in IT system failure litigation based on 120 such cases over a 25-year period. He subsequently published two articles based on that research. He was selected as co-chair for a legal conference focusing on IT systems failure litigation, and also spoke by invitation on the subject at the ABA Section on Litigation Winter Leadership Conference.

Webster has also testified three times before the United States Congress on IT-related issues.

Webster is recognized for his work in IT intellectual property issues. He has been accepted in US District Court and testified as an expert in copyright, trade secret, and patent cases. BFWA uses a combination of commercial and proprietary software tools running on a local network to perform analysis and comparison of software source code files–comprising tens of millions of lines of source code, in a variety of programming languages–for possible similarities.

Other subjects for which that Webster has served as an expert witness and/or consultant include:

  • IT security practices and standards;
  • computer document forensics;
  • standard and customary software industry practices, including software engineering, quality assurance, licensing, pricing,and contract interpretation;
  • standard and customary corporate IT practices, including IT governance, use of consultants, and outsourcing;
  • resurrection and/or evaluation or delivered IT systems;
  • analysis of algorithms, system architecture, and database schema.

Webster is supported by a select group of independent associates, most with 20+ years of experience in information technology, who can be used to help analyze computer files, documents, and other material, as well as to conduct specific research or apply particular technical expertise to a given matter. Several associates have also served as expert witnesses in litigation. For further information or to request an appropriate CV, please call 303.502.4141 or send e-mail to