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Services Offered

Review, Evaluation and/or Rescue of Large-Scale IT Projects

Bruce F. Webster has been internationally recognized as an expert in information technology (IT) project management and failure for over 20 years. He was invited on three separate occasions to testify before the United States Congress on IT project management issues. At PricewaterhouseCoopers, he researched and published a white paper summarizing patterns in IT system failure litigation based on 120 such cases over a 25-year period. He subsequently published two articles based on that research. He was selected as co-chair for a legal conference focusing on IT systems failure litigation, and also spoke by invitation on the subject at the ABA Section on Litigation Winter Leadership Conference. He has spoken at numerous other conferences, including in Japan, Russia, the Middle East, and Latin America, and has participated in private conferences at the NSA and the World Bank. He currently serves as adjunct faculty for the Brigham Young University Computer Science department, where he teaches the upper-division course on software engineering and project management (CS 428).

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Expert Witness and Expert Testimony

Since 1999, Bruce F. Webster has served as an expert witness or consulting expert in numerous IT-related disputes. These include cases in federal court, federal bankruptcy court, and state court. Webster has qualified and testified in all those jurisdictions. Webster has likewise provided expert testimony in arbitration cases in the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

Given his expertise in IT project management, Webster has frequently served as an expert witness in litigation involving troubled or cancelled IT projects. Webster is also recognized for his work in IT intellectual property issues. He has been accepted in US District Court and testified as an expert in software copyright infringement, trade secret theft, and patent infringement cases; he also testified at the US Patent and Trademark Office in an inter partes review. Webster has served directly as a sole arbitrator and has served multiple times as a neutral expert, all for intellectual property disputes.

Other subjects for which that Webster has served as an expert witness or consulting expert include:

  • IT security practices and standards;
  • computer document forensics;
  • standard and customary software industry practices, such as licensing, pricing, and contract interpretation;
  • standard and customary corporate IT practices, including IT governance, use of consultants, and outsourcing;
  • resurrection and/or evaluation of delivered IT systems;
  • analysis of algorithms, system architecture, and database schema.

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