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Expert Witness

Testimony: Testified three times before the US House of Representatives.

Have qualified and testified at trial as an information technology (IT) expert in US District Courts (New York, Florida, Texas [incl. Eastern District], Illinois, Colorado), US Bankruptcy Court (Virginia), in various state and circuit courts, and at arbitration hearings. Have served as an expert witness in arbitrations in Japan and the United Kingdom. Served as a sole arbitrator; also served three times as a neutral expert.

Recent expert testimony (deposition and/or at trial/hearing):

  • Amarpreet Dhaliwal v. HYPR Corp & George Avetisov, US District Court for the Southern District of New York [intellectual property dispute]
  • Stefano Grossi v. Fereidoun Khalil, Superior Court of Fulton County, State of Georgia [intellectual property dispute]
  • American Railcar Industries, Inc. v. GyanSys, Inc., US District Court for the Southern District of New York [disputed SAP project]
  • StorageCraft Technology v. Persistent Telecom, US District Court for the District of Utah [alleged software copyright infringement]
  • GoDaddy.Com, LLC v. RPost Communications Ltd., et al., US District Court for the District of Arizona [alleged software patent infringement]
  • HealthNow New York Inc., v. Meridian Technologies, Inc. et al., State of New York County Court: Court of Erie [disputed IT re-engineering project]
  • Intellectual Ventures I & II v. Symantec Corp., US District Court for the District of Delaware [alleged software patent infringement]

Neutral expert/arbitrator work:

  • Goes International AB v. Wuzla, US District Court, Central District of California [alleged computer game copyright infringement]
  • Planet Bingo LLC v. VKGS, LLC, State of Michigan in the Circuit Court for the County of Ingraham [alleged misappropriation of confidential information]
  • Seecommerce v. Bristlecone, Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara [alleged theft of intellectual property]
  • C-bridge v. Avicon — both parties chose Webster to serve as sole and final arbitrator [alleged theft of intellectual property]

Professional experience: Involved in information technology since 1974 as a developer, software engineer, systems administrator, development team leader, chief software architect, vice-president of R&D, chief technical officer, and information technology consultant for a variety of organizations. Areas of expertise include software engineering, software architecture and design, software licensing, quality assurance and testing, object-oriented development, project management and failure, security, and intellectual property issues.

Have developed, helped develop, or otherwise contributed to many internal, commercial, and corporate software projects, in fields as diverse as defense, flight simulation, space sciences, environmental monitoring, desktop productivity, global telecommunications, financial and investment services, insurance, e-commerce, and international supply chain management. Likewise, have conducted numerous reviews of existing and proposed IT systems, products, projects, and organizations; in the process, have evaluated project management practices, system architecture, software design and implementation, quality assurance and testing practices, security issues, personnel qualifications and performance, Year 2000 compliance, and intellectual property protection.

Publications: Published four books and contributed to two others, all of which deal with information technology; have published over 150 articles since 1980.

Teaching and presentations: Adjunct professor, BYU Computer Science Department (since 2017), teaching senior-level software engineering class (CS 428); also taught CS at BYU in 1985-87. Spoke by invitation at private conferences at The World Bank, at the U.S. National Security Agency; and at the U.S. Library of Congress (Congressional aides), as well as at international IT conferences in Russia, the Middle East, Japan, Central America. Have spoken at numerous US-based conferences, including: TechAssure Member Conference; Mealey’s IT Systems Failure Conference, ABA Section on Litigation Winter Leadership Conference; Mealey’s Internet Law Conference; and the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business Annual Management Conference.

Education: BS in Computer Science, Brigham Young University; graduate work in Computer Science, University of Houston Clear Lake. Moderate fluency in Spanish.

Professional affiliations: ACM (Senior Member), IEEE, ISACA, ABA (Associate).

Contact information: Bruce F. Webster & Associates, 1184 South 850 East, Provo, Utah 84606; voice/text: 303.502.4141; e-mail:; web: