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As I have explained elsewhere, I am in the process of writing a book entitled Pitfalls of Modern Software Engineering (or “PMSE”, pronounced “pimsee”). This is a greatly expanded (both in size and scope) revision of a book I published back in the mid-1990s, Pitfalls of Object-Oriented Development (M&T Books, 1995). As I write or revise these pitfalls, I have been posting them to this website.

In order to make them a bit easier to browse, I am listing on this page all the pitfalls that have been posted as blog entries; you can get to any given pitfall simply by clicking on it. This list will eventually include a few hundred pitfalls.  Feedback is always welcomed.

Pitfalls of Modern Software Engineering (posted to date)

Managerial pitfalls

Political pitfalls

Conceptual pitfalls